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  1. Peter Mason

    Hi, I would like your permission to use some of the saints quotes on sharing faith with others for a book I am writing on How to be a married saint. I am a practicing Catholic from St. Francis de Sales parish in Burnaby, BC, Canada.


  2. Faith Anne Lequigan

    His voice and His actions may never be seen, but can be felt deep within.


  3. When people talk bad about you let them be, as they want to be like you, Just move forward


  4. Greetings from a fellow Iowan. I am in Ottumwa and an alumnus of Northern Iowa and Iowa (writers program).

    You have done a wonderful job, Thanks for the resource. I have told others of this site.


    under the social teaching section you have a quote from Steven King about Harry Potter. I would suggest you delete this quote. Harry Potter is about a worldview of Witchcraft. This is not consistent with Church teaching This has been affirmed by people like Fr. Amorth, former chief exorcist in Rome and many others,

    Two good articles are:

    Is Harry Potter Good for Kids by Vivian W. Dudro, the July/August issue of St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers |

    Some Thoughts on the Harry Potter Series by Michael O’Brien published in the National Catholic Register |


    • Brother Ignatius,

      1. Always great to hear from a fellow Iowan!
      2. Thanks for the kind comments about the website. Much appreciated!

      3. The comment you referenced can actually be found in the Theology of the Body section (not the Catholic Social Teaching) and, for the sake of anyone else reading this, is: “Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.” – Stephen King

      4. Regarding Harry Potter… I appreciate your concern. I really do. But I think your analysis of the dangers of the Harry Potter series are completely off-base. Before I read Harry Potter for the first time I thought Michael O’Brien’s arguments sounded justified (I LOVED his book, Father Elijah, and figured he knew what he was talking about with the Potter series). However, after actually reading the series for myself and then following it up with the book How Harry Cast His Spell by John Granger I realized O’Brien had it all wrong for, in fact, the Harry Potter series was FULL of “Catholic treasure” and the cries of “Danger: Harry will cause you to join the occult!” were much ado about nothing. I’d like to encourage you to take a look at the following resources and, if you’re up for it, reading Harry Potter yourself so you can learn its true content.

      a. Article by Mark Shea (Harry Potter and the Christian Critics) –
      b. Article by John Granger (Why My Family Adopted Harry Potter) –
      c. And here’s a link to the Granger book I mentioned earlier (How Harry Cast His Spell) –

      God bless you,


  5. May I use one of your wallpapers as a postcard inviting students back to religious ed? Thank you.


  6. Brayan

    God is always with you. Just believe, love and share the word of god.


  7. Max

    Jesus is like Santa they both see you at all times, but jesus brings a better gift, he brings Heaven

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  8. Max

    Life is like a race, and death is the finish line. When you reach it you look back and all you think about is that you hope you did your best.

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  9. Ehow,com

    Everyone always complains about how many followers they have, and we already know the number doesn’t matter because Jesus only had 12.

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  10. Max

    “Jesus is your map, follow him.”

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  11. jesus ninja 17

    When you lose someone you love, love them even more.

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  12. jesus ninja 17

    Everyday something new happens but you just have to go with it and let God steer your ship.

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  13. jesus ninja 17

    Life is like a bumpy road you have to get threw all of the bumps to get to the sweet spot in the end.

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  14. jesus ninja 17

    Life is special so don’t skip over it.

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  15. jesus nijia 17

    You don’t realize who the most important person in your life is until it is too late.

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